Pac-12 Women's Basketball Final Four Postgame Show

College Conferences and Governing Bodies Live Non Game Production 2021

Duration 4:41

Production notes: Pac-12 women's basketball was, in a word, DOMINANT this past season, and Pac-12 Networks' coverage of the Big Dance was as joyful to produce as it was to watch. Led by the on-air power trio of Ashley Adamson, Ros Gold-Onwude and Mary Murphy, Pac-12 Networks felt every moment of the highs and lows of the "gritty team who got it" alongside the Stanford Cardinal, who would ultimately go on to bring the first Women's Basketball National Championship since 1992 home to Palo Alto. Production staff: Ashley Adamson (Talent/Host) Ros Gold-Onwude (Talent/Analyst) Mary Murphy (Talent/Analyst) Adam Stanco (Coordinating Producer) Ari Kaye (Producer) Shane Swinnerton (Producer) TJ Brassil (Associate Producer) Tyler Petersen (Associate Producer) Victor Keys (Production Assistant) Rob Werner (Production Assistant) John DeLustro (Director) Glenn Stilwell (A1) Grant Goodrich (A2) Alexis Meraz (Camera) Evan Lanam (JIB) Sarah Ashton (Makeup/Hair) Mike Montgomery (Production Coordinator) Avery Latorre (EVS Op) Bob Schmelzle (Director of Content Production) Jenna Burkman (Assignment Editor) Cherie Cole (Assignment Editor) Jim Thornby (Research) Greg Mroz (Research)