National Signing Day: 2018

Collegiate Athletics Collegiate Athletics - Live Non Game Production 2018

Duration 3:54

Executive Producers- Mike Bonner & Jodain Massad Director- Brock Raum Producers- Tony Simeone, Zach Dudka, Jon Cotton, Adam Donaldson, Joey Mizutani Graphics- Kevin Barrett, Kyle Miller, Johnny McDermott, Chris Charizopoulos Camera- Randy Orak, Cody Baker Stage Manager- Jaye Galloway Talent- Mike Monaco Reporter- Tamara Brown Audio- Micaela Powers Replay- Joe Stachler National Signing Day, one of the most important days on the calendar for College Football recruiting, the day in which the future of your team begins to take shape. Fighting Irish Media has once again put together a live show worthy of the storied tradition and history of Notre Dame football. A three hour live production streamed on a customized web page, WatchND mobile app, Periscope and Facebook Live covering the signing of 21 incoming freshman football players on December 20, 2017. This show seen through the lens of 7 cameras was anchored by Mike Monaco from the historic Notre Dame locker room featured live interviews, pre-produced profiles of all signees, FaceTime & conference calls between coaches and players, exclusive behind the scenes look-ins to the football war room, a real-time ticker generating the show rundown and the latest signee information, innovative production elements with the use of Chyron paint and capped by a press conference held by Head Football Coach Brian Kelly. Over the span of two weeks, Fighting Irish Media produced all content in-house along with the support of a student crew. All graphics and video features were created and adapted for multiple forms of distribution platforms such as live broadcast, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and VOD content for YouTube, and the WatchND mobile app. While all of the football happenings originated at the Guglielmino Athletics Complex, the live show was produced and directed from a state-of-the art control room located three campus buildings away at the Rex and Alice A. Martin Media Center. The center is designed with IP audio/video routing technology, one of only a handful in the world, that provides the necessary flexibility and growth capacity for managing the complex multimedia needs of the entire Notre Dame campus. This same production was duplicated on the 2nd Signing Day period on February 7, 2018.