Virginia Tech Basketball vs Lehigh

Collegiate Student Live Game Production 2020

Duration 4:53

This ACC Network Extra basketball broadcast between Virginia Tech and Lehigh became a lopsided contest rather quickly. The development of the game gave us an opportunity to work in multiple storylines from the game itself during blowout action, show the atmosphere of a rout in action, as well as some overall team storylines that were relevant at that point in the early season. Producer Daniel Gibbons, Director Eric Frey, AD Nish Bhojwani, TD Haley Jernigan, AP Ryan Stankard, Graphics Ops Taylor Brooks & Patrick Hanson, Replay Ops Darrell Grant, Evan McNally & Jackson Underwood, A1 George Stiles, A2 Nick Walker, Chyron Telestration Chris Finch, Video Alex Springer, Camera Ops Noah Godwin, Isaac Poe, Amanda Rutledge, Faith Hoover, Mitchell Klockenbrink & Nick Harpold, Utilities Golder Baah, Jett Willingham & Ally Barlow