The Season: with Belmont Women's Basketball

Collegiate Student Program Series 2018

Duration 9:50

Executive Producer - Greg Sage Producers - Christian Sadler & Will Black Editor - Christian Sadler Talent - Dr. Rich Tiner Videography - Christian Sadler, Will Black and the OVC Digital Network Crew Photography - Sam Simpkins "The Season: With Belmont Women's Basketball" will explore the personal storylines that make this program so special, and make these young women such exceptional ambassadors of Belmont University. "Our student-athletes personify everything that is great about sports, and specifically the college experience. Yet the on-court victories and national prominence are such a small part of the Bruin narrative", Belmont assistant athletic director for broadcasting and media relations Greg Sage said. "I know our players look forward to inviting Bruin fans in for an up-close-and-personal look at all the hard work and behind the scenes fun we share. This is an outstanding group of young ladies in our program, and I'm thrilled that everyone can get a closer look at their work ethic, togetherness and personalities. It promises to generate content that will benefit our program for years to come", said first-year head coach Bart Brooks. "Our team led by Christian Sadler, Will Black and Voice of the Bruins Rich Tiner have established a peerless standard of production quality," Sage added. "We aspire to produce work worthy of the Belmont women's basketball program."