The Left Bench TV:

Collegiate Student Program Series 2017

Duration 10:00

The Left Bench TV is an entirely student-produced sports broadcast covering Maryland athletics. The staff produces a weekly episode, averaging 15 minutes per episode, covering the current week in Maryland sports. Created in September 2016 by Danielle Stein and Alex Flum, The Left Bench TV has produced over a dozen full episodes and now has a staff of over 20 reporters with coverage of every Maryland Division I sport. Beat reporters produce "TLBTV Overtimes," which are recaps of each home game. The full episode includes panels with student analysts and athletes, TLBTV Overtime coverage and packages produced by our reporters. The full episode airs at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism and is on YouTube and Facebook, and all videos, including Overtime recaps, are posted on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. This video is a compilation of clips from full episodes of The Left Bench TV, packages and TLBTV Overtimes. Danielle Stein - Executive Producer Alex Flum - Executive Producer Liam Beatus - Anchor Megan Smedley - Anchor Justin Meyer - Analyst Connor Newcomb - Analyst Johnny Moseman - Analyst Juan Herrera - Analyst Max Marcilla - Reporter Kevin Brown - Reporter Noah Gross - Reporter Ann Parangot - Senior Producer Austin Kleber - Producer Becca King - Director Katrina Schmidt - Production Assistant MacKaiya Cherry - Production Assistant