Fighting Irish Media Presents: A Champion for All Seasons

Collegiate Athletics Special Feature 2017

Duration 6:43

Director: Javi Zubizarreta Producer: Javi Zubizarreta & Anna Gonzalez Editor: Anna Gonzalez Executive Producer: Jodain Massad Photography: Randy Orak, Robert Campbell, Jodain Massad, Josh Long, Ben Johnston Associate Producers: Ashley Albertson, Liz Colleran, Molly Jergenson, & Lizzie Mikes Creative Director: Tim “Oak” O’Connor Graphic Designer: Kevin Barrett Director of Fighting Irish Media: Dan Skendzel After she won her first national championship in Spring 2015, Molly Seidel gave an interview to Fighting Irish Media about her comeback from illness and injury to win. Then when she won three more national championships over the course of the next 10 months, her story evolved into the feature that was produced about Seidel and her monumental accomplishment.