Ohio State @ Penn State Men's Hockey Live Game Production

Collegiate Student Live Game Production 2017

Duration 5:00

This broadcast was done completely by students from Penn State University. The only non-student involved in the production was the student supervisor who directed the show. This was a very exciting hockey matchup between #11 Ohio State and #1 Penn State. This game was streamed through Big Ten Network Plus, as a part of the BTN Student U program, so it has BTN branding. Despite its branding this is a standalone production, produced at the collegiate student level. Director: Tommy DiVito Technical/Director: Atyia Collins Camera 1: Dan Renish Camera 2: Matt Redzeposki Camera 3: Matt Knarr Camera 4: Shreyash Bohara Camera 5: Alex Kirshenbaum Replay; Ross Woomer Audio: Tommy DiVito Scorebox: Emily Paulus Graphics: Cherish Crust Announcer 1: Bria Donnely Announcer 2: Jack Milewski