Duke Football Spring Showcase

Collegiate Athletics Live Non Game Production 2017

Duration 4:51

Chad Lampman Rob Rowe Dan Enders Dave Harding Ryan Craig Jon Roth Brittany Del Barba Kelsey Lyons This is a 5 minute segment of our Spring Football Showcase. Coach Cutcliffe was kind enough to allow us to not only put a camera on the field during the scrimmage portion, but we also had 5 coaches wired throughout the showcase. This gave the fans inside access like never before. The segment you see has Coach Cutcliffe narrating what he sees as he watches practice. Earlier in the broadcast we were able to gain amazing audio from Defensive Line and defensive back coaches during individual drills. Technically, we had 6 Panasonic 3000’s for this broadcast, one being wireless. We switched the show with a 3ME Carbonite Black with two 2-CH Xpressions providing graphics. Replay was provided by Grass Valley Dyno.