Monmouth University 2017 National Football Signing Day Program

Collegiate Athletics Live Non Game Production 2017

Duration 4:58 | Four Minutes and Fifty-eight Seconds

Greg Viscomi - Executive Producer Gary Kowal - Producer Andrew Kurtz - Director Eddy Occhipinti - On Air Talent Suzi Mellano - On Air Talent Matt Harmon - On Air Talent Colin Webb - Technical Director (Student) Chuck Marvel - Graphic Director Jackie Thompson - Audio Engineer (Student) Tom Rodriguez - Camera Operator (Student) Craig Smith - Camera Operator (Student) Je'lon Hornbeak - Camera Operator (Student) Haley Gasparine - Stage Manager (Student) Luke Brown - Cable Puller (Intern) This live program is our 2017 Football National Signing Day. Matt Harmon and Eddy Occhipinti review the incoming class and much more. There are a handful of guests on the show such as head coach Kevin Callahan, assistant coach Brain Gabriel, and incoming two transfers.