Hearts, Guts, Balls - The Todd Oakes Story

Collegiate Athletics Special Feature 2017

Duration 8:00

“Hearts, Guts, Balls - The Todd Oakes Story” Josh Blessing: Executive Producer/Editor/Videographer Ryan O’Neill: Videographer Dan West: Videographer Garrett Wright: Videographer Annie Harwell: Videographer Daniel Claxton: Graphics Supervisor Ryan Maus: Supervisor Longtime Gopher Baseball pitching coach Todd Oakes finally lost a four-year public battle with leukemia during the 2016 college baseball season. Hear from Coach Oakes, his family, players and more in this definitive telling of life, baseball and overcoming obstacles. This story was part of a year-long series of video features called “Minnesota In-Focus”, in which Gopher Digital Productions takes a deep dive in to the stories that are the DNA of Golden Gopher Athletics.