MTSU EMC Productions, MT vs FIU Basketball

Collegiate Student Live Game Production 2017

Duration 5:00

EMC Productions is a student staffed, faculty supervised, live event production company within Middle Tennessee State University's College of Media and Entertainment's Department of Media Arts. EMC Productions produces Live Games for MT Athletics and seen on ESPN3, BeIN Sports and ASN. We have a $1.75 million HD production truck that produces a full range of sports and concerts such as the Bonnaroo Music Festival every summer. For Basketball, we used six manned cameras and 2 unmanned cameras, 2 instant replay operators handling 7 cameras, a two channel Ross Xpression graphics system and a Sony MVS8000 digital switcher. We use a 25 person student crew to produce a wide array of live football, men's and women's basketball, women's volleyball and women's soccer games. This particular game was streamed live to ESPN3 with students filling the following positions: Director, Assistant Director, Technical Director, Production ManagerTechnical Manager, Field Producer, Statistics Producer, Graphics 1 and 2, Audio 1 and 2, Replay 1 and 2, Video Shading, 6 manned camera operators, 2 camera grips, Play by Play, Color Announcer, Sidelines reporter. I, the Multi-camera productions faculty, serve as Executive Producer for EMC Productions. For this game the athletic department's video services producer and a Media Arts graduate produced the live game. Executive Producer Robert Gordon Jr Producer - Nathan Wallach Director - Zac Leonard Production Manager - Kaelin Bastin Technical Director - Stephen Hart Stats Producer - LeAyn Moyers Graphics - Sean Byrne, Kevin Hinkels Replay - Isaac Shaw, Logan Day A1 - Ryan Adams