Cliff's Cab

Collegiate Athletics Program Series 2017

Duration Seven (7) minutes

East Carolina University Department of Athletics Brian Meador - Director of Video Content (lead videographer and producer) Whitney Marks - Assistant Director of Marketing Greg Herring - Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing & Fan Engagement Our head baseball coach, Cliff Godwin, purchased a six-seat golf cart for recruiting purposes so we thought we'd put it to use on campus. Modeled after the popular TV show "Cash Cab,"we created our version to help increase awareness of and interest in our baseball program with Cliff himself driving students to their classes around campus. While TV show offers prizes for correct answers and kicks people out of the cab if they get too many incorrect answers, we simply gave prizes despite their lack of ECU Baseball knowledge. This program had seven (7) episodes, each varying between 2 1/2 minutes to over 8 minutes, that were shared through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and often times through the athletic department's weekly email sent to over 30,000 fans. The series got so popular that students started tweeting at our head coach to come pick them up...and as you'll see student would Snap or take selfies with the coach during their ride, thus helping our concept go viral on campus. We believe this to be among the first, if not the first, "cab" type series produced by a college athletic department as evident by the video submissions to the collegiate marketers' professional association, NACMA. Since, our debut many other athletic programs have created similar video series/features. Basic digital statistics include: YOUTUBE: 13,955 views FACEBOOK (only 4 of the 7 episodes directly uploaded to social platform): 30,647 combined views with a reach of over 111K, and 434 shares. The response was so overwhelming positive we have brought the series back for second season! You can view all of last year's episodes, along with the episodes so far this season at Additionally, I would encourage you to Google "East Carolina Cliff Cab" so you can see just how many local news outlets picked up the promotion and put out their own story about the idea.