Phoenix All-Access: Elon Men's Basketball vs. UNCW

Collegiate Student Live Game Production 2017

Duration 3:44

This basketball game was a production of the Elon University student campus program Phoenix All-Access. It was streamed live to (our conference digital network), as well as Facebook Live. Phoenix All-Access is supervised by an Elon athletics staff member to produce all live games for the athletics department. Aside from the roles of director and play-by-play, all roles in the production were filled by students. Our production did not have the advantage of a provided network graphics package (such as ESPN or FOX). A student graphic designer conceptualized, designed, and built the entire graphics package present in this production and worked with staff to implement it. Additionally, a student was responsible for majority of the technical aspects of the production. Effects audio from rims was conceived and installed entirely by our student engineer as well as set up and troubleshooting of cameras, audio and video routing in the gym, and setup and maintenance of the switcher. Finally, this crew also simultaneously produced an in-venue video board show. In addition to the live stream, students executed additional replays on the video board, fan cams, and on-court promotions. Crew List: Director - Michelle Manzo Technical Director - John Zimmer (Senior) Graphics Operator - Avery Hunt (Freshman) Graphic Designer - Jacob LaPlante (Senior) Replay Operator - Lauren Duncan (Junior) Camera 1 - Landon Kestlinger (Sophomore) Camera 2 - Mason Pratt (Freshman) Camera 3 - Kaz Colquitt (Junior) Camera 4 - Jonathan Robichaud (Sophomore) Play-by-Play - Matt Krause Color Analyst - Brian Morris (Freshman)