2016 NCAA Wrestling Championships Open/Tease - ESPN

National Networks/Production Company Promotional Video 2016

Duration 2:00

Executive Producers: Julie McGlone, Jamie Reynolds, Mark Gross, John Wildhack Coordinating Producer: John Vassallo Senior Producer: John Bartmon Producer: Todd Jones Producer: Amanda Paschal Producer: Priyanka Vohra Talent: Billy Baldwin Writer: Quint Kessenich Writer: Jeff Sarokin Editor and Audio: Warren Wolcott Effects Edit: Tom Beers Effects Edit: Leon Belt Director of Photography: Bob O’Reilly Assistant Camera: Justin Stokes Production Assistant: Casey Brownyard Production Assistant: Patrick Raymond ------------------------------ The World’s Most Famous Arena and the oldest sport came together this year and ESPN decided to make the city the backdrop for our introduction to the 2016 NCAA Wrestling Championships. Billy Baldwin, an actor and former collegiate wrestler, volunteered to host our open, and took us around the Big Apple while explaining the passion and importance of this unique event. Our Director of Photography captured the city's images with an emphasis on using a handheld Ronin which provided flexibility, motion, and attitude in all of the shots. Our editors took over from there, creating a multi-layered piece that incorporated great shoot elements and several tracking shots to infuse Gotham’s architecture with wrestling footage. Over a fast paced commercial music track, the piece complemented the start of the event and also became the centerpiece for elements that ran throughout the show - giving the event a grittiness and slickness that it deserved.